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Hey there!


About me

Design and UX have always been my passions - As a child, I used to spend countless hours designing websites, banners, and what-not...

During my Instructional Design studies in HIT, I was exposed to the world of UX for the first time - and discovered that it was the field I had always aspired to, without even knowing its name 👀.


I've spent the last 5 years living in the south (making the desert bloom! 🐪), where UX hasn't yet reached. That allowed me to explore other fascinating fields, such as digital marketing and conversation design.

The points of contact between UX and these fields (such as understanding user needs, problem solving, research, data and market analysis) were exciting for me to learn. I gained a much better understanding of users' needs and problems, and of how critical UX is to a product's success 🌟.


To extend my knowledge, I took a UX course at the University of Haifa and found my first job as a product designer at MindCET 🥳. The experience I gained in this job has strengthened my belief that I've found the right career path for me.

My mission today is to make the world a little easier through innovative design, and I'm looking forward to joining a team I can contribute to, learn from, and grow with.

In my free time I'm...

👶 A proud mom of Nevo and his hairy brother, Ralph

🎵 Listening to music 24/7 and creating Spotify playlists (This is my favorite)

🎨 Creating stickers, GIFs and memes for every possible situation

💿 Collecting records like I'm stuck in the 90s

🍽️ Spending too much money on Michelin restaurants (although I'm a McDonald's fan as well 🍔)

✂️ Scrapbooking, DIYing, journaling, painting, and basically anything I can do with scissors and glue

✈️ Traveling, especially to places where I can chill on the beach

📚 Reading books till I lose track of time (I even worked in Steimatzky back in the day!)


Let's talk! (My dog bites, but I don't)

📞 050-3377131


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